Best sic bo strategy with high probability of winning

Best sic bo strategy with high probability of winning

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Sic Bo is arguably one of the most popular betting games online in the popular casino in Malaysia today. It was originated in China and means Dice Pair, which is somewhat misleading as the real game is played by three dice not two. The game is also referred to as Tai Sai, Dai Siu, and Big Small in other parts of the world. Big and Small bets are the most popular of Sic Bo that pay 1 to 1 and have high winning chances. Let us discuss Best sic bo strategy with high probability of winning you need to know.

But before we start talking about best Sic Bo strategies, we must first take into account the fact that all bets of the game have a house edge. This means that the online casino you are playing on has default advantage over its players. Try playing best Sic Bo strategy with high probability of winning and enjoy the game while strategizing to win. In Sic Bo, this advantage range from 2.78% to more than 30% at times.

Secondly, there are a variety of sources online that claim that can predict the outcome of the dices in Sic Bo. This is completely untrue. There is just no mathematics to do so and no room for biases whatsoever.

Best sic bo strategy with high probability of winning

If you are looking for a long term strategy then always go for betting options that have the lowest house edge. Understandably, they are not the best options if you are looking for making some big win in online casino. But still with these betting options, casino’s edge is always low. Your chances of winning are high in the long term.

The best betting long Sic Bo strategies are Big and Small with a house edge of 2.78%. You can also go for Odd and Even bets. There house edge is 2.78%.

Best sic bo strategy with high probability of winning
Best sic bo strategy with high probability of winning

High Risk Sic Bo Strategy for High Probability of Winning

High risk Sic Bo strategies are good for those who want to be in this gaming arena for a while. High risk Sic Bo strategy as the name suggests is an intense game of luck that if played wrong can turn the tables in favor of the casino.

This tricky strategy is quite opposite to what we have just learned in the long term Sic Bo strategy. You must go for bets with the highest payouts. The idea is to hit some at some point and win a game big time. But remember, the high wins of the game are totally dependable on the triple bets.

In the high risk Sic Bo strategy, house edge on triple bets entirely depends on the payout upon winning a game. Allbet casino games  house edge range from 30.09% (pays 150 to 1) to 16.20% (pays 180 to 1). However, it all depends on what type of casino you play.

Busting a few myths on probabilities of winning a Sic Bo game

A lot of players from across the world tend to commit a small time error quite often. That is they tend to go deep into a variety of patterns that the game has followed for a while. For example, if the game has followed a Big pattern for quite some time now then they bet on Small. They believe as the game has played on Big so far chances of playing Small are high the next time. This theory is absolutely wrong. No spin or rolling is related to its last spin. It is a random thing. You can never predict it.

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