Difference Between Traditional and Modern Slots

Difference Between Traditional and Modern Slots

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Slot gained its popularity among the gamblers in the world because this game offers you simplicity and easiness. Slot game is one of casino games which is friendly for bettors to get much cash. Before you play in online slot, it is good to know the difference between traditional and modern slots. It will help you to understand which one suits you. If you can do it, you will get many cash during playing slot game.

Difference Between Traditional and Modern Slots

Number of Reels

Reels are one of the main attribute in slots whether it is traditional or modern slot. At some time in the past, bettors were waiting for large hoops metal spinning in the slot machine, but now bettors do not interest to see it again. It occurs because modern slot game provides the reels in video screen or the spin is supported by an electronic mechanism.

In fact, modern slots use five reels while traditional slots have three reels for their casino game. The reels in traditional slot spin by pulling the lever. Today, the bettors can spin automatically the reels by pushing the “spin’ button in the site. Keep in mind that the possibility to win in five reels is smaller than three reels slot game.

Difference Between Traditional and Modern Slots
Difference Between Traditional and Modern Slots

Three reels slot game was introduced and invented by Charles Fey. You can find this slot in land based casino, but the number is not quite many. It occurs because the modern technology replaces the traditional quite fast.

The Slot Paylines

Traditional slots use one payline. You can get win if three specific symbols land on the one line. But now, the reel is five with multi paylines. You can place bet on one line or more line up to 20 multiple lines.

The more line you have, the more wins you get. If you play on 20 line slots game, you have a big chance to get cash because you cover a lot of ground. But remember it will spend you much cash.

Slot Machine Class in America

A legal institution in America categorizes three type of slot machines.

  • Class I is the basic class in America system. Traditional Indian gaming is another name for this type. The game is played by Indian with minimal prizes. They have different rule. Since Internet has great role in this era, bettors go to the modern slot.
  • Class II is like a bingo or lottery games. Bettors play against each other instead playing against the house. In this type, the graphic and sounds looks like a traditional slot machine. The result on this game is based on other results.
  • Class III is known as Vega style. This is a traditional slot that you can find in Las Vegas and other gambling destination. The result depends on the reels and each spin is independent result.

Either modern or traditional slots have different positive and negative side. We hope that the difference between traditional and modern slots above ensure you to play in slot game. Do not doubt to play in either traditional or modern slots.

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