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Fan tan is a card game that used to be very popular before. Also known as Dominos in France and Parliament in Britain, it is an easy to understand game that aims at getting rid of your own cards before an opponent’s cards are over. This is done when you play them into a certain form. If you’re Perfect place to play online Fantan card game with great bonuses try this casino site where you can get big bonuses and free bet fantan.

The traditional deck of fifty two cards is used. With each card valued differently. K is seen as the highest rank followed by Q then J, the rest of the numbered cards follow a descending order; 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. After these, at the lowest rank value is the ace card with letter A on it.

As much as as many people as possible can play this game, it is best played with a maximum of eight people and optimum entertainment is derived from it when four to six players play simultaneously. The dealer would first shuffle the cards as many time as he pleases then distributes the clockwisely starting from whoever is on his left.

Perfect place to play online Fantan card game with great bonuses

If you want to know how to play fantan then this can help you. Forming a circle on the play-table, the players deal in an anticlockwise direction. This means that once the first player deals, the person to his left is next on the turn. The reason why the game is played at its optimum with four players is so that each player gets an equal number of cards.

However should this prove to be impossible, players with most cards are then allowed to deal first so as not to be disadvantaged. In addition to this, after the first round the player that dealt a greater valued card gets the first turn in dealing in the following round and such eliminating this disadvantage completely.

The first card to be dealt should be a seven, whoever follows should also play another seven, or drop a card that has the same shape as the first seven. This can be an eight or a number just below seven, which is six, as long as the shape is not different. The proceeding players should also deal cards that would follow a certain order. Should the second player deal in a descending sequence they too should.

Should a player be unable to deal in cards of the same suit and order, then they have to pay for that and this adds up to the pool. The first player to clear all his cards is the one that earns all that was collected in the pool.

This is made up of all the counters made for any card that was not dealt plus the counters made for the total sum of all the cards still in other players hands. Refusing to deal yet you have a card that can be dealt is illegal.

Other Variations

Nonetheless, there are several versions of the game, each with a different format of play. In one of the deviations the player to the left of the dealer is not the one to start the game. Here, the game is started by whoever holds a seven, and this is not just any seven but that in the diamond suit.

In others the ace is considered the one with the highest value and thus is ranked above the king. This is contrary to what we have first explained.

Online Fan Tan

This one is the most variant of all the variations. Here, the seven from the heart suit starts the game and can only be followed by an 8 and not a 6. A win, is followed by a penalty on the rest of the players according to the face worth of the cards in their hands.  This can be played at casino online in Asia. Here, you are assured of several bonuses too.

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