Simple and effective tips on how to Play Live Online Roulette

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Simple and effective tips on how to Play Live Online Roulette, It is safe to say that roulette is one of casino games with the easiest rules. This is why roulette always has a special place in people’s heart even though it has been around for almost four centuries. Now, in the era of online casino games, roulette doesn’t lose its significance.

In QQSamsung and other online betting site, roulette is a must have. In fact, roulette and all its variations become one of the most played online casino games along with Poker and Blackjack. Because of the simple rules, many people think that roulette winning odds are only based on luck. You choose the wrong number and color, you lose. But the truth is roulette is not as simple as that. Yes, luck plays a very important role, but it doesn’t mean you can’t play with strategy. To increase your chance of winning, make sure you understand all the rules of this game.

Simple and effective tips on how to Play Live Online Roulette

 Rules and guidelines in playing live online Roulette

Roulette is all about luck and fortune. Good apprehension of the rules will be your best weapon in this kind of game. Online roulette is just the same with conventional roulette. You play interactively with real people and you bet with real money so you have to take the game seriously.

Simple and effective tips on how to Play Live Online Roulette
Simple and effective tips on how to Play Live Online Roulette

The basic is very simple. Roulette is played with round wheel which have 36 numbers and two colors, red and black. On the table, there is a board with small boxes containing numbers and colors similar with the wheel. You place your bet in the small box on the board. After that, a small white ball will be thrown to the wheel. If the ball lands in the same color and number with the small box you place your bet in, you win.

It seems like playing with mere luck. But actually, there are some mathematical probability principles in this game. And if you want to win, you will need to strategize where to place the bets. There are two kinds of bet, inside and outside. In inside bet, you bet in a specific or intersecting numbers. The highest winning is called straight up with 35 times bigger payout than the initial bet. To get this, you must place your bet in one specific number and win. The higher the risk you take, the bigger the payout you can get. The other one is the outside bet. In this method, you don’t bet on a specific number but on black or red, even or odd, and high or low.

Where to Play live online roulette

Every online betting site will definitely host the game of roulette. But QQSamsung has the most variety and offers so many simplicity to increase your betting and gaming experience. Once you open the website, log in and click the Live Casino tab. There, you will find various rooms providing various kinds of roulette games. There are two choices of table for you to play in Royal-Casino. In Game Play Interactive (GP Casino), you can find one challenging interactive roulette game. And if you enter the i-Casino gaming you can choose between the traditional roulette and Party Roulette where you can play with more people, because in roulette, the more is always the merrier.

QQSamsung doesn’t only provide an excellent live online roulette gaming experience, but also present it with terrific graphic that make you feel like walking right into a real casino. This site is serious in keeping your identity confidential and your money secure. Money withdrawal process is also very easy, so, you can bet your heart away freely on the roulette table and just wait for the money being accumulated in your bank account.

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