Suggestions on picking the right predictions on basketball handicap

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Basketball is quite a popular game as a sport. It is played between two teams of five players each. The game is played on a rectangular court. The main objective of the game is to pass the ball through a net of 18 inches diameter fixed at 10 inches height at two opposite corners of the court. It is equally loved in betting as well. That’s why our suggestions on picking the right predictions on basketball handicap is the right one for you.

Suggestions on picking the right predictions on basketball handicap

Handicap betting could be defined through the following example. If you handicap bet at a team by -1 goal, to make you win the team has to make at least one goal. If the team makes only one goal then it becomes a tie and you get your bet money back.

Some of the basketball betting experts give tips and rules to make it clearer for the novice gamblers about how to choose the right prediction. If you are a beginner and looking for some right guide on handicap betting at basketball, we have it all for you. The betting rules for basketball by the experts of the leading sportsbook site are mentioned below.


First of all, to play the bet it is important that the game has been passed by 35 minutes.

Over time scoring may be included if the bet is being played on handicap, total points (under or over) or money line. Over time is only counted to decide the game handicap, total points or money line. It is not counted as a two-game series outcome. However, the over count will not be counted to fourth quarter betting.

The overtime would not be counted towards the half time and full time.

To have an action, all the games must be played at the decided location and on the decided time and date.

However, if a match is rescheduled to a different time on the same day, the wagers are acceptable. In the case of changed day, the wagers will become invalid.


Basketball is a very simple game for the most common sports event too. There are a number of gambling ways at basketball. The most common gambling way is to bet on a point spread. In this method, you do not have to specifically predict the winner or loser. You need to tell the online bookie sites the number of points your favourite team is going to win or lose by.

The other betting technique is to bet over the total score or under or over a certain score. The bookmaker decides a certain benchmark and the bettor has to predict whether the total score will be over it or under that predicted total.

The simplest betting technique is the money line betting. In this, the bettor has to predict the winning team. However, the payout is greater for the underdogs in this technique.


For increasing your winnings, you first need to choose the best sports betting bookies. is one of the best bookmaker in terms of betting. Basketball betting could be extremely beneficial if the right bookmaker is chosen.

Basketball is an easy game and the betting is not hard either. There are just some ways which should be  kept in mind in order to make more money from basketball betting. The best way to choose the right prediction in handicap betting is to have complete information about the teams playing. Also, you need to be an old supporter of basketball in order to know the performances of every team. In this article, we have discussed all the betting systems and important tips to win in basketball betting along with the betting rules.

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